Katheryn Davis

And Jesus said, "Love One Another"

Title: Old Farm Shop
Media: Watercolor
Image Size: 17 x 23
Frame: Wood, 26 x 32
Glazing: Glass
Painted on location on the Carroll & Beverly Jaixen farm at Columbus, Nebraska.
In the collection of: Carroll Jaixen.


© 2004 Katheryn Davis. All Rights Reserved.

The old shop on the farm dates from the very early 30s. It served many purposes, from repairing heavy work-horse harness, to overhauling tractor engines in the winter, to providing habitation for the family while a new house was being built in the mid-40s. It also served as a garage for the family auto. It’s where I built components for an award-winning liquid-fuel rocket engine project while I was in high school.

Katheryn loved to paint workshops, the more messy the better! When we rolled back the big entry door for her to paint the interior she would not let us clean-up or move anything. She was a very happy artist!     - Leroy Krzycki